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Fill in the Blank RPG • 2017 rpg

Ryan Khan • no link

Players begin with 5 each of the following cards: Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs.

To attempt something the player rolls 1d10, success on 7+. To roll more dice, the player plays up to one of each kind of card. If the card is blank, write one word on the card. Words cannot be repeated. Players describe their action in one sentence using those words. The description must make sense to count; you can’t “sneak loudly”. This is at the GM’s discretion.

Facing an orc? Write “HUG” on a verb card and state “I HUG the orc,” to roll +1d10. Write “aggressively” on an adverb card and state “I AGGRESSIVELY HUG the orc,” to roll +2d10. Words can’t be erased, but cards can be used again. A player without blank cards cannot create new cards.

If a player gets hurt, they must destroy one of their cards.

The GM must create cards to roll more than 1d10. The GM must create one of each type of card before repeating any type. After the roll they put the cards in a pile. Players can destroy one of their written cards to take the top card or a random card from the pile.

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