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Starship Basilisk • 2017 rpg

Colin Maynard •

The starship Basilisk is crippled and venting atmosphere. The crew try desperately to repair her before the starship Hukatis returns to finish them.

Place 4 d6s on the table with the 1 side up. Each time a player takes a significant action such as repairing or using a major system reroll the d6 with the lowest face up value. On a 6 another problem arises related to a major system (roll a d6). (Eg: fried circuits, ruptured hull, damaged power conduit, injured crewmembers.) After every 4 actions increment the highest (non-6) die. When the total shown on the dice reaches 20+ the Hukatis returns and attacks. Reset all four dice, then continue as before but roll twice after each action. If the total reaches 20+ the Basilisk is destroyed.

Actions: roll a d6, succeed on 3+

Major systems:
(1) Life support -must be repaired within 4 rounds
(2) Reactor -required for engines, weapons & shields
(3) Engines -use successfully 3 times to escape
(4) Weapons -use successfully on Hukatis 3 times to destroy it
(5) Shields -roll only once after each action while active
(6) Escape Pods -abandon ship!

Each system starts broken. A system cannot be used twice consecutively.

Author Comments

It was an interesting challenge trying to fit it into 200 words. It ended up a little more mechanically heavy than I had originally intended but overall I’m happy with it. Thanks for reading!

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