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Across the Table (2-Player) • 2017 rpg

Alex L • no link

You and a friend are in charge of opposing companies hoping to come to a mutual deal. Dig through your wallet and each use a random business card; these will be the companies you are each in charge of. Using a full deck of cards (minus jokers), deal out two cards face down to each player. Players will play a game of Texas Hold’em Poker where each card on the table represents an issue between the companies.
Suite - Issue
Hearts – Social
Diamonds – Financial
Clubs – Ethical
Spades - Personal
The goal is to make sure your company comes out on top of this deal. Players take turns making up issues between the two companies that they need to reach across the table to resolve. During the games, players can make deals, contracts, etc. If both players agree, each player can discard a card from their hand (face down) and draw a new one. The first three issue will appear on the table after players have introduced themselves and made small talk. The next two issues will appear only once a deal has been decided on for the previous one. 

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