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World of Stats • 2017 rpg

David Perry •

What kind of Fiction do you want?
Discuss setting, goals, themes, tone, ridiculousness.

What is your +2 Stat? +1? -1? Write them on your (index) Card.
Stats can be anything: roles, skills, equipment, resources, concepts, like “Tough”, “Obscura”, “Bullets”, “Chaotic”, “Disenfranchisement”, “Beheading”.

The MC will guide a conversation about the Fiction.
Ask the MC about things.  
Say what you want to do.
Play to find out what happens.

When you do something with an important and uncertain outcome, describe your attempt and roll 2D6 plus/minus a Stat; the MC will say which.
On a...
10+, Success; MC might increase a Stat, maybe get a new +1 Stat. What is it?
7-9, Success with Complication in the Fiction.
6-,  Failure with Complication; a Stat might decrease, or get a new -1 Stat.

When Stats change, skip 0, and don’t go past +/-4.

When the Cards have no more room, how does the Fiction conclude?

Extrapolate from the Stats.
Challenge the Stats.
Describe changes to Stats.
Make interesting Complications.
Make outcomes matter.
Make new rules if you learn them.

Author Comments

Thanks and Apologies: Vincent and Meguey Baker Avery McDaldno Folks on G+ and RPG Talk

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