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Doors • 2017 rpg

Ryan Abrams • no link

"You all stepped out your doors and into a whole other world. Now you must work together to find your way home."

COMPONENTS: Pencils & Paper. 2d6.


Write your character name and description. Draw 6 unlabeled attribute boxes, and assign each a different value from 1 to 6.


Randomly choose a player to be GM. They assign new labels to the 6 attribute boxes and describe the world players find themselves in.

Players act according to their new attributes while exploring this world, meeting NPCs, and finding their way home.

If taking an action with a reasonable chance of failure, or one which is opposed, the involved character(s) must pass a test. The GM determines the relevant attribute and circumstance modifier (positive or negative). The player(s) roll 2d6, then add the attribute value, modifier, and any relevant item modifiers. For unopposed tests, 12+ succeeds. For opposed tests, the higher total wins.

Players are human, and can handle minor damage, but serious injury results in lasting effects or death.

If players enter a door or analogue, they enter a new world. Immediately choose a new GM, who assigns new attribute labels and describes the next world to explore.

Author Comments

I set out to create a flexible system that would challenge all players to change up their roleplaying characterization in sync with their attributes changing, while simultaneously forcing everyone to be involved in crafting the world AND story, since any player could become GM at any time. I think this lays the groundwork for a very simple, very fluid storytelling engine, but it could definitely use some fleshing out. If only there were more words!

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