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Wittgenstein's Monster • 2017 rpg

Dan Maruschak •

We all know the story: In his secluded alpine castle Doctor Wittgenstein sought to create game from gamelessness, stitching together parts from other games and infusing them with the spark of gamemastering. But in his hubris Wittgenstein lost control of his creation, and spent his remaining life repenting, claiming it was madness to think games had an essential nature, that by merely looking you can see there's no common thread. But what if...

You are Dr. Wittgenstein, and you are gamemastering a roleplaying game for some of your friends (gather some players to play the role of the mad doctor's friends). Gather your library of roleplaying games to serve as the basis of your possibly monstrous creation. Pick one at random and begin explaining how to play based on the text. However, whenever the rules refer to a concept, procedure, or section of rules other than the paragraph you're referencing, you must pick another game at random and find a corresponding concept, section, etc. from that game (unless it's referring to an already established connection, in which case use what you've already determined).

Play the RPG as long as you can, until it destroys you or your triumph is established.

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