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The Hands of Rasputin • 2017 rpg

Jack Ford Morgan • www.halfmonstergames.com

Use one hand as your character - a rotting servant of Rasputin! Scuttle. Roll dice with other hand. 
Pick a Russian name. 

Your goals: hunt and kill the Romanovs to gain the most points! 

Turns: Choose a Romanov. Another player creatively narrates their castle escape attempt. You narrate your murder attempt, then roll the dice. 

Miming and/or Gory Description grant +1 each. 

Meet/beat the Romanov value to eliminate them. Also gain that many points:

Baby Alexei                 4
Princess Tatiana        5
Princess Maria           5
Princess Olga             5		
Tsar Nicholas II          6
Tsarina Alexandra      7	
Anastasia                    8

Failure: hide one finger.
You’re eliminated from the game when all your fingers are gone. 
Individual Romanovs escape if unsuccessfully attacked three times. 

Victory is yours when it is impossible for others to win!

Example turn: 
Player A chooses Nicholas.
Another Player: “The Tsar is attempting to escape through a sewer.”
Player A: (Miming actions +1) “I scuttle and flush myself down a toilet, then I crawl down his throat, choking his windpipe.” (Gory Description +1)
Player A rolls a 3, adds bonuses to get five - enough to eliminate Nicholas and gain his 6 points. 
Next player’s turn. 

Author Comments

Thanks to everyone who helped me test this quickly!

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