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Purgatory • 2017 rpg

Nathan Knaack •

You’re mortals in the war between heaven and hell; they’re both awful. Heaven’s angels oppress mortals while hell’s demons subvert them. God isn’t exactly good and Satan isn’t always evil, but both want to rule Purgatory, our world.

Choose your training: socializing, technology, weaponry, academics, survival, or larceny. Your clothing is: stylish, stealthy, or reinforced. Your weapon is: long-range, silenced, or melee.

Pick a number between 2 and 5. Higher is for orderly things: planning, machinery, problem solving, and persuasion. Lower is for chaotic things: improvisation, brawling, athletics, and deception.

For each task, roll 3d6. For orderly tasks, roll your number or lower. For chaotic tasks, roll higher. If you’re trained, geared, or prepared, reroll one failure for each. If you’re wounded or demoralized, reroll one success for each.

One success is partial, two is solid, and three is great. Roll all ones (holy trinity) and something heavenly happens. Roll all sixes (number of the beast) and something infernal happens. Roll all exactly your number for amazing success.

You’re up against angels and demons, all terrifying monstrosities, as well as humans who picked sides. Your goal is to restore holy sites (to contain heaven) and destroy gates (to seal hell).

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