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Junkyard Pack: Far Out 70’s Urban Canines • 2017 rpg

David Wainio • don't have one at the moment - pending

Scrounge food, protect your turf, help lost children, solve animal crimes... become Top Dog. 

Your Canine: Select your Signature Ability. (Samples: Bloodhound tracking, “Scrapping”, Speedy Paws, Leadership, etc.) 3 times per scenario can claim +2 for related actions. Then divide 14 points among your traits. 0 is legal score, max of 3. Traits: Agility, Bark/Growl, Fighting, Friendliness, People Stuff, Running, Senses, Size,  & Wits.

Dice Rolls: 3d6 read individually. Even #s are +1, a “1” is -1. Otherwise 0. Range is -3 to +3.

Actions/Attacks: Trait + Dice Roll on or above resist value. (GM set or contesting trait roll).

Combat: You can absorb size + 2 damage points. Attack with Size or Fight, defend with Agility or Fight. Action order is Agility + dice roll. Ties act simultaneously. Damage is 1 per 2 points over resist (1-2=+1, 2-4=+2, etc.). One action plus move per round of 5 seconds.  Combat/race move is 10ft plus Running x 15ft. If action is move only, 2x distance.

Advancement: Gain +1 trait point per 2 scenarios. 

Campaign Options: Smart dogs in “real world” (Lassie, Air Bud), Animals talks to each other (Charlotte’s Web, Bolt), Dogs only talk with other dogs.   

Author Comments

This is an actual functioning RPG about dogs getting by in the big city (or anyplace you want to be a dog). Great small kids role play game or expand into more adult themes. Play out your favorite canine cartoons or shows. I plan to expand it a bit and publish it through Indie Press Revolution after the contest ends.

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