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Planetary Realtors • 2017 rpg

Michael Blatherwick •

“How about this lovely little ice planet with unbeatable views of an exploding star…”

A game for a team of buyers representing a civilization in the market for a new planet, and at least one planetary realtor.

The buyers explain their reason for buying, and the realtor presents the buyers with three flawed planets in turn. The buyers find further problems with each planet and provide additional requirements related to their intended purpose for the planet. Really try to pick holes in the proposed planet, and be awkward with your additional needs. The realtor should try to play down the planet’s issues and find ways to satisfy the requirements.

If there is more than one realtor, they can represent the same three planets or they can have their own planets. Either way, they are competing for the sale.

The buyers roll for the basis of their needs:
  1  Farming
  2  Industry
  3  Leisure
  4  Military
  5  Mining / Resources
  6  Prison / Containment
  7  Refuge / Expansion
  8  “Science”

The realtor rolls for the basis of each planet’s main flaw:
  1  Dangerous location
  2  Extreme temperature
  3  Geological instability
  4  Habitation
  5  Radioactivity / Toxicity
  6  Sci-Fi weirdness
  7  Value to others
  8  Wildlife

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