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No Coincidence • 2017 rpg finalist

Matt Mortellaro •

Years ago, the world ended. You tell us how.
Both of us survived. I tell us why.
Both of us are walking across unpopulated lands. You tell us why.
We don't walk alone. We each say who we travel with, why they can't survive alone, and why we protect them.
In the distance, we spot each other. There is recognition: this isn't the first time we've crossed paths. I tell us how our last meeting started, you tell us how it ended.
We are dangerous people. You tell us why.
We haven't let the apocalypse take our humanity. I tell us why.
We are near each other now, us two and our companions. We each place a coin in our fist. Heads up, we are peaceful. Tails up, we are violent. We reveal our coins at the same time.
If I chose Heads, and you chose Tails, I tell us how you killed me, and you tell us why.
If you chose Heads, and I chose Tails, vice versa.
If we both chose Tails, you tell us how our companions go on without us.
If we both chose Heads, I tell us why we'll meet again.

Author Comments

The contributors over at were immensely helpful to me in working on this challenge and designing roleplaying games generally - it’s a great community for designers.

Judge Comments

I. Love. This. Game! I can see under the surface of “No Coincidence” the author’s clear vision and their uncompromising adherence to it. Everything about this game feels tight and deliberate and valuable. This is a game of shared memory and fleeting encounters, where the players of the game know less about themselves than the characters do. Beautiful, evocative writing paired with the simplest mechanics combine to make a stunning experience of a game, and one that I cannot wait to play over and over. - Daniel Adams

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