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The King and its Mute Jesters • 2017 rpg

JoshYKC •

The Mute Jesters are to deliver news to the King in place of the Court Advisor, fearing that the news would bring about the wrath of the King. The Jesters are there to deliver the news in a light-hearted fashion to avoid King’s wrath.

The Game
1 person as the Court Advisor who will write a set of words on paper(s), reveal each word only to the Jester during play.
Minimum 2 Mute Jesters who will translate the words written by Court Advisor to the King with hand/body gestures.
1 person as the King who will attempt to guess the answer gestured by the Mute Jesters.

The Jesters that managed to get the most answers from the King under 1 minute wins the round.

If you’re up for it, Jesters can combine string of words to form a sentence cooperatively together.

Each Jester has 1 minute to get the King to answer as much as possible.
The King can be a different person for each Jester.
Write at least 10 set of words/short sentences per Jester.
Players are allowed to suggest a theme before starting for the set of words to be written and played.

Author Comments

Interesting challenge. This is my first entry, had a blast reading through 2016 and 2015 entries. This entry is inspired by a game I used to play as a kid.

Would like to thank Dushanth Daniel for bringing me into this.

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