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Adfectomancer • 2017 rpg

Emilio Bucci • no link

You've come a long way to obtain your power. But now you're alone.
Perhaps you can use your magic to bring back an old friend?
You are the Adfectomancer, and there's nothing the human mind can possibly hide from you.

Focus on the person you desire to summon, and visualize an event you remember with fondess about the two of you. You’re going to shape the past.
Think of 3 different ways it could have ended differently, and complete each sequence in your mind until you reach a satisfactory check point.

During your divination stay focused and check:
• You gain a +Mantra for every positive change.
• You gain a –Mantra for every negative consequence.
• A -Mantra cancels a +Mantra. Add up.

At the end of every divination, you can complete one ritual.
Roll a d6 +1d6 for every +Mantra:
• If you score at least one 6, you gain 1 Karma.
Repeat until you have 3 Karma.

Now pick up your preferred method of communication, be it a phone or something else. Indulge no more and complete the spell without fear.

Author Comments

I know it’s more an exercise on introspection than an actual game, i wanted to apply some counseling techniques to games and give it a loose flow. I designed the game primarly for myself, to help me write rationalise my fears and send a message to an old friend, but i hope it can be helpful for others. Thanks to my therapist G. Zito for the idea.

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