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RPG - Random Parable Generator • 2017 rpg

Ryan Tompkins •

A Storytelling Game for Three Players

One player takes the role of Narrator.

Another takes the role of the Protagonist.

The final player is the Mediator.

The Narrator chooses the kind of story they want to tell (a grand adventure, a simple day at work, etc.), the Protagonist creates who they will be (a Princess, a Pirate, or even just themselves), and the Mediator creates a setting for things to take place in. This can be done separately (and secretly), collectively as a group, or sequentially.

The Narrator may then begin to tell the story. The Protagonist may be called on to act, or they may choose to do so on their own. If at any time the Protagonist decides to disobey the Narrator’s directions or attempt to change the story, the Mediator chooses a number between 1 and 20 and all three roll a d20. The closest roll determines who gets to decide the outcome of the event, and the Mediator is free to choose neither side’s idea, instead inserting their own.

Play continues until the story is completed to everyone’s satisfaction and/or when the Protagonist is well and truly dead.

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