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Watch Out! Heartfelt Magical Girl Clash! • 2017 rpg

Alex Guerrero-Randall •

Players: 3-6
Bring: Printout, colored pencils. 

This battle has been tougher than most: fend off your Magical Adversary while achieving the emotional state needed to defeat them. 

Each Girl’s name: a color. (“Vermillion”)


Each has a Wound--emotional? Physical?--that she’s taken. When?


Each feels an Emotion: (Circle yours) 

Fury / Serenity / Sorrow / Overwhelm / Love / Terror / Excitement / Trust / Inadequacy / Confidence / Guilt / Apathy 

Narrate: Why?

Each has a Fabulous Magical Accessory!


Your Adversary is: (circle three)

Manipulative / Brutal / Overwhelming / Scarred / Untouchable / Opulent / Toxic / Mutable / Sympathetic / Incomprehensible / Beautiful / Familiar

Your Adversary’s vulnerable to Girls feeling an un-circled emotion. Which? Why? Underline it.

The player with longest hair goes first. 

On your turn, choose one:

Clash!: narrate Adversary action/dialogue, your evasion/reaction: Elegant, Clever, Tough, or Desperate. Moved, one other Girl changes her Emotion. 

Flashback!: play a flashback with another Girl. Change each other's Emotions. 

Promise!: as the battle rages, speak your Promise to another Girl. Extend your hand: if she takes it and speaks, one of you changes her Emotion to match the other. If not, she changes yours.

Triumph!: If a Girl feels the underlined Emotion, -OR- all Girls feel the same Emotion, narrate your (Spectacular? Hard-won? Pyrrhic?) victory! 

Author Comments

Thanks to Joli St. Patrick and all of the Story Games Seattle crew for their input and enthusiasm! Will something like this eventually be part of a larger Magical Girl game I make? Maybe!

Also, in case it’s not clear, you could win the game in two turns. The question is, will you? What would make the most interesting story?

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