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Charon • 2017 rpg

Brie Sheldon •

Lie your back on the floor with three friends near, your heads together. Each fare has two identical coins. Place the coins on your eyelids. One fare should remove their coins, read one line, flip coins in the air and return them to their eyes as instructed, and then pass the script until no coins remain. If a fare has no coins, they read, but pass the opposite direction.

*At the edge of the river filled with souls, Charon invites you.* (Flip both coins, return heads, max one.)

*In the boat, Charon guides you.* (Flip both coins, return tails, max one.)

The river’s dead reach for you. (Flip one coin, return heads, max one.)

*At the shore, Charon bids you farewell.* (Flip one coin, return tails, max one.)

*You step forth, but look back.* (Flip both coins, replace or keep one.)

_When all coins remain on the ground, count the number of heads and tails for each fare._

_Those with both can choose to move forward or stay._
*We choose our fate this day.*

_Heads move forward._
*We don’t look back, but step forward.*

_Tails fall behind into the river._
*We cannot step forward, and fall.*

Author Comments

I marked this with the formatting used for Google+ because the formatting is useful to understand rules vs words read aloud vs instruction. I hope that’s cool! Here is the Google Docs version:

Special thanks to Jaye Foster, Mischa Krilov, and Chris “HyveMynd” Stone-Bush for their invaluable input on my draft.

Also, I read aloud the game and talked about it on my new podcast, which some people may find more accessible? It is at the 3:40 mark I start talking about the challenge, then the read of the game is at 9:25.

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