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After the Rain • 2017 rpg

Hyacinth Nil • hyacinthnil.itch.io

Divide your players into 2 factions: The Mark, a single person; and The Agents, everyone else. The Mark is a target of the Agents, mercenary AI who are infiltrating their digital subconscious to find and steal a thing of value. The Mark deals 10 playing cards face down in front of them. They ask the Agents “who am I and what do you want from me?” The Agents respond with their answer, collectively. That answer is the Mark’s last card in their deck.

When play begins, the mark flips over a card and describes the space the Agents now occupy: Hearts are someplace liminal; spades are someplace ancient; clubs are someplace foreign; diamonds are someplace hostile. Face cards are populated by one or many other intelligences, the number represents how challenging the level is to clear. With each new level, the Mark declares their conditions for clearing the level; once these conditions are met they flip the card over and reveal the next level. Agents take turns declaring actions they take to complete the Mark’s conditions, the Mark counters with questions, elaborations, and challenges. Once the final card is reached, the Mark reminds the Agents of what they are taking.

Author Comments

Thanks to my collaborator Reed Lewis for helping with editing.

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