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Whispers in the Dark • 2017 rpg

James Shields •

A pitch black room
A Critical Hit LED D20

With lights on, players sit close together.
Roll the D20 to determine who will start the narrative.
The group should be lost in some intricate scary location.
Play begins.

Introduce your character.
Describe your action.
Roll the D20 for success.
	If the die remains dark, success!

Play passes clockwise.
While room is lit, the next player narrates results and takes their turn.

When die flashes:
	Pass the die to the next player.
	Step out of the circle.
	Turn off the lights.
		(Room should be as empty and dark as possible.)
	You are now the narrator.
Play continues.

	Determines when rolls are needed.
	Narrates all die results.
	Introduces NPCs and obstacles.
	Is initially THE GRABBER.

	Slowly moves around the room.
	Grabs an unsuspecting player when a die flashes.
		Despite who rolled the die, victim is now THE GRABBER.
		Former Grabber is now a CREEPER.

	Continue moving.
	Whisper creepy nothings.
	Make appropriate noise when a die flashes.

	When last player remains:
		Face off against final obstacle, requiring five die rolls.
		Success? Escape with your life.
		Failure? All CREEPERS become GRABBERS for one last scare.

Author Comments

Time Travel Thaw and other previous entries that focused on mechanics outside of the standard die to create an experience. Also, the many previous entries that focused on an experience… which were generally pleasant or nostalgic. I wondered if I could create a true horror experience in 200 words or less.

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