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Symbiosis • 2017 rpg

Alex Robinson • https://www.facebook.com/arrpgnerd/

You are all organs in a strange alien’s body. You’ll need at least three players. List an organ name, one feature, one purpose and two processes to achieve it. On squares of paper, devise at least two common problems an unusual alien might face in day-to-day life. Place these, folded up, in a bowl.

One at a time, draw a piece of paper and explain how you the organ will overcome this obstacle to the best of your abilities. If other organs agree with your methods, they will describe how they’ll help. If they don’t agree, antagonistic organs can interfere. The initial organ’s solution counts for 2 points, a helpful organ’s assistance counts for 1 point and a hindering organ’s obstruction counts for -1 point. If the organ scores more than zero, the process goes ahead and the body continues. 

If the organ’s solution is not suitable, an interfering organ may suggest a new solution and the other organs agree or disagree once more. The game continues until all problems are solved or the organs refuse to work together leading to total systemic failure.

Author Comments

Thanks to Vee and Hayley for your critique!

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