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Headcannon Accepted! • 2017 rpg

Geoff Bottone • https://twitter.com/geoffquest

You’re on a fan forum, arguing about your favorite fan theories. Your goal is to get your fan theories accepted as headcanon!
You need: Friends, d6s, pencils, index cards, tokens.
Roll 1d6 for Genre and Qualifier.
1 Superhero
2 Urban Fantasy
3 Sci-Fi
4 Horror
5 Steampunk
6 Spy

1 Young Adult
2 Post-Apocalyptic
3 Comedic
4 Grimdark
5 Anthropomorphic
6 Animated
Players take an index card and create a character that fits in the genre. Name, description, history. One or two sentences at most.
Shuffle the character cards and put them in the center of the table. Reveal the top card.
Players take another index card and write out their fan theory about that character. 
Players take turns revealing their fan card and defending their theory to the other players. Other players may ask questions, challenge, etc., to help active player elaborate.
Once all players reveal fan cards, each player gives one token to their favorite fan theory. Player with most tokens wins the round.
Reveal the next character card and repeat. Players may build on established headcanon from previous rounds (winning fan theories only!)
Once all character cards are revealed, player with most tokens wins!

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