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Dungeon Black • 2017 rpg

Eugene Fasano •

Dungeon Black is a two player roleplaying game about a group's inexorable descent into darkness, madness, and death. 

The Shadow is the game master, the darkness that will encroach upon the flame.

The Player acts as the Delvers, a group of four ill-fated characters. They could be a band of survivors during an apocalypse, a group of highschoolers hounded by a slasher, or a company of would-be adventurers, descending into an ancient ruin. 

Each Delver is defined by a single noun, describing the type of situation the character is good at overcoming.

The Player must divide 7 six-sided dice among the Delvers. A Player rolls all of a Delver’s dice to overcome a difficult a task; they succeed unless a 1 is rolled. If a 1 is rolled, that die is removed from the game. A Delver with no dice is dead, mad, or otherwise lost.

The Player also has a tea-candle and a pile of five matches. A match may be spent by lighting it in the candle; this allows the Player to re-roll a single Delver’s roll.

The Shadow may allow the Delvers to find items or characters that grant more matches or dice.

Author Comments

Additional thanks to Masha Lepire.

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