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Wizard Journal • 2017 rpg

River Williamson • no link

To start, give each player something to write on and something to write with.

On the first turn, everyone writes an introduction to their wizard's journal. Give the wizard a name, a title, and indicate whether this wizard’s tale will be one of triumph or woe. Something like, “I am Gertrude, Sage of the Winds. In my travels, I learned never to trust a god of the air.”

Between turns, everyone passes their journal to the next player.

On each turn, players write a short journal entry, something that can be read aloud in a minute or so. The entry can take any form.

On the last turn, players write the climactic entry, the moment of brilliant success or terrible failure. Take enough turns to allow players to write in each journal at least once.

Players may share journal entries between turns, at the end of the game, or not at all. If the entries are shared, feel free to borrow characters and events from each other. Players should, at least, read the introduction for their current journal before writing.

Draw from a divination deck before each turn and let the card inspire you.

Author Comments

Sort of inspired by Exquisite Corpse and other writing exercises. I wanted to keep the collaboration, but tighten up tyre narrative. I figured explicit start and end points would help.

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