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Bloody Hair: A Tale of Barbaric Combat • 2017 rpg

Konstantinos Dimopoulos •

Play as the hairy barbarians with the woolly underwear. Hairy barbarians are genderless. Hairy barbarians are found under rocks, and occasionally sprout from cabbages. Hairy barbarians do not speak. Hairy barbarians scream, point, grunt, and live to fight other hairy barbarians, hairless wizards, and beasts with sharp teeth in the desolate steppes and mountains of Sanguitor. Hairy barbarians fight in groups. Occasionally in dungeons too.

All dice used are d10s. A roll of 7, 8, 9 or 10 is a success. Statistics tests are resolved by rolling equal dice to the tested statistic's score. 

Someone has to be the Gamemaster.

Hairy Barbarian:
Statistics: Speed, Hairiness, Combat, Dodge. Assign 8, 6, 6, 4. Hit points = Hairiness + 2. Intelligence = 10 - Hairiness.

Generic Tooth-Beast:
Speed: 7, Combat: 6, Dodge: 6, Hit points: 5

Un-barbaric Actions:
Any action the player attempts that the GM deems too civilized will require at least one success on an Intelligence test. 

Combatants act in Speed order. Attacker rolls Combat dice + Weapon dice versus defender's Dodge dice. Difference equals to hit points lost (if any).  

Weapon Examples:
Bone club: +1 Combat / +1 Speed, Obsidian sword: +2 Combat 

Author Comments

Bloody Hair is meant as silly hack-and-slash RPG bloodbath, involving lots and lots of dice rolls. It might grow up to become something more substantial.

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