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Encounters • 2017 rpg

Drew Besse • no link

For two to four players
Each player chooses a unique symbol. Place that symbol on three index cards. Shuffle all cards together to form encounter deck.
Each player describes a hero. Put their name on a card.
Choose a player to start.
Active Player draws an encounter card from the deck. If it just has a symbol, put a creature in it. If it has a creature, give the creature an adjective, location or object (max one of each).
Challenge the player's hero whose symbol is on the card (if it is your symbol, challenge someone else). Say “You encounter <creature>”
Challenged player declares what they want from the scene. Play the scene between the two players. At scene end, challenging player determines if they succeeded. If they succeeded, they get a check on their hero card. If hero has three checks, they retire and controlling player forms a new hero. 
Challenging player crosses off symbol on encounter card. If card already has creature, adjective, location and object discard it. Otherwise, challenging player adds their symbol to card and shuffles it back in deck.
Play passes to the left. Game ends when encounter deck is empty.

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