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Ummenbach • 2017 rpg

Noctavigant • http://court-of-trickery.wikia.com

Needs 4 players, deck of cards. 
Split the card piles in 4 piles (hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds) between players, draw away the jokers. 
All players consider a family of three characters and make a simple background for each. Match each character to king, queen, and jack. Consider which layer of medieval society your characters belong to, what their ambitions are, and what they would do with infinite power. 
All players raise the card representing the leader of the family with the backside facing the other players. In turn, present the card and name the character. 
In turn, each player can attack another character. Attacker and attacked player choose between 1 and 2 cards from the rest of their card pile, describe their attack, and compare numeric values. If attacker has the higher value, the attacked character is removed, and the next family leader is revealed. Otherwise, repeat with next player. 
When no more players have cards with which to attack, shuffle the rest of the characters together, and put two jokers in the pile. Draw 2 cards. These cards represent the power couple, marrying for the betterment of all. The players who own these characters win. Jokers don’t count.  

Author Comments

Inspired by Vinterulvene / The Wolves of Winter - a similarly styled tabletop game run at Fastaval 2017.

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