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Another multiverse story • 2017 rpg

Petr Šarkovský • no link

1. Sit down in a group of friends with some random food, dice & paper.
2. Write down the 3 most describing things or secrets about yourself and hide the paper till later.
3. Together choose a world to play in.. mind what your world looks like, how the people see it and how strong your heroes are within your story.
4. Choose your hero’s skillset.
5. Go one after each other, say your heroes skillset and briefly share vision of your character's past, skills, looks and dreams.. others then contribute their ideas for your character which you may or may not implement.
6. Together invent a basic plot of your story.
7. Look at the scribbling about yourself from earlier and incorporate yourself into your character to the best of your ability.
8. Take 10+ minutes to eat, chill and imagine where can your story go.. discussion still encouraged!
9. Give a narrator’s coin to the best speaker to act as the first narrator, whenever there is an initiative speaker to take on narrating, current narrator may or may not hand him the coin.
10. Play your story to the ends on your imaginations ..and have fun!

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