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Vigilantics • 2017 rpg

Kiernan Grimes • no link

1 GM and 2+ Players
Paper and Pencils
1 d6

Every player creates a "superhero" with a gimmicky "superpower" and a choice of three gadgets. These “heroes” have no superhuman abilities.
ex.) Danger Dad: World’s greatest dad, world’s greatest employee, and world's worst superhero.
Power: Gut Busting Dad Joke
Gadgets: Trusty Toolkit, Dad-Mobile (family van), and Cargo Shorts of Carrying

The hero abilities are Speed, Might, and Brains.
All abilities have one point by default, but players may distribute four more between them.

When rolling the d6 for an ability, you must roll below your ability score.
Gadgets can only be used once, but powers can be used infinitely.
Powers and gadgets always succeed, but may vary in effectiveness.
On all rolls, a one is a perfect success, and the closer to six, the worse the effectiveness of your action, even for successes.

"Crash!" "Bang!" "Pow!" Our unlikely heroes appear on the scene to stop our villain. Only one of these heroes can reach the newspaper headlines, so whoever can capture the villain and hand him to the authorities first wins, but if they don't act soon, our villain’s plans will begin, causing everyone to lose.

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