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Love Language • 2017 rpg

Michael Owen • https://twitter.com/MtoAllpro

You are a person. You have wants that you must pursue, fears you try to avoid, needs you must have meet, traumas that follow you, language you use to show love with, and a goal you need others to help you achieve.
Love Language requires 3 to 5 players, notecards, and a pencil.
The table chooses a Challenge. Then each player writes their character’s name, traits, and relationship to the other characters on a notecard.
Traits are:
Wants (if you achieve it 1 Check)
Needs (if you fill it 1 Check)
Fears (if you face it 1 Check)
Traumas (if you overcome it 1 Check)
Love language (how you show and receive love, if you speak or experience it 1 Check)
To complete a Challenge everyone needs to have at least 3 Checks.
After Character creation, go around the table framing scenes. You get Checks when someone frames a scene that deals with one of your traits. Continue framing scenes until everyone has 3 Checks or the table chooses to stop.
When you are ready to complete a Challenge frame a scene of all the characters completing it. When you are done epilogue your characters and their relationships.

Author Comments

Thank you Chibizilla, Kelsa, Tuxtradamus, Unodus, Cottontailed and Rev.Dr.Mom for all your great feedback. If you want to lean more about me and my other games Check out my Twitter @MTOAllPro and the SwiftKite Design Discord server.

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