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Paintball, the RPG • 2017 rpg

Francisco Peralta • no link

The game takes place in any possible scenery and point in time. It requires a minimum of 3 players, one of which is the guide. Can be co-op (players against NPCs) or PvP. Guide adds NPCs as required.
Players start with 100 hit points. When reaching 0 they are out.

Objective: eliminate the opposite team.

1d10 for failure/success. 1, 2, 3 are failures. 4 to 10 are successes. The higher the best hit. 10 grants +2 bonus.
2d6 for damage taken/received.

The guide decides bonuses, penalties and hit based on the characters, their professions and background (special forces, soldier, police, medic…) given by the players.
Players narrate the encounter based on what the guide decided.

Weapons (damage is 2d6 +/- reported bonus):
Handguns: +3 from 10 to 25 meters. +4 close. -1 for every 5 meters after 26.
Shotguns: +5 from close. -1 for every 3 meters after 10.
Sniper rifle: +10 if expert. -5 if not. Not used in close combat.
Hands: +2. +5 if expert. -1 if upper body hit.

Guide decides what part of the body is hit.
Players describe tactics taken to win, combat options and anything compelling to the story.

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