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Crafty Monsters: An RPG of battling monsters • 2017 rpg

Nicholas Fletcher • fanadvsrd.com

You play a wizard who can bind monsters to follow your will; you start with 2 bound monsters.
Wizards can have 6 monsters bound, but only 1 summoned.
You can summon, unsummon and unbind monsters as you wish.

Monster Creation:
Roll for element, power and domain.

1: Lightning (overpowers Fire, Ice)
2: Fire (overpowers Ice, Wild)
3: Ice (overpowers Wild, Stone)
4: Wild (overpowers Stone, Wind)
5: Stone (overpowers Wind, Lightning)
6: Wind (overpowers Lightning, Fire)

1: Shade (0 Force, overpowers Master)
2-3: Lesser (1 Force)
4-5: Greater (2 Force)
6: Master (3 Force)

1-3: Abyss (overpowers Shadow)
4-5: Shadow (overpowers Light)
6: Light (overpowers Abyss)

When two monsters fight, each rolls 1d6+Force+1d6 per overpower.
Higher total wins; loser takes 1 damage; 2 damage defeats a monster.
A defeated bound monster is unsummoned and can't be summoned again for 24 hours.
A defeated loose monster is destroyed unless bound right away (roll 1d6; bind on 4+).

Wizards can't fight; if attacked by a monster, they die.
Wizards can't be attacked while they have monsters summoned.

Author Comments

Yeah, it’s basically Pokemon, with the paint removed and wizards attached. Credit where it’s due; I was inspired by 2016’s GOET’I’MON by Jeremy Kostiew.

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