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The Chinese Room • 2017 rpg

Coman Fullard • Twitter Handle: @ComanFullard

Booting-up, you become sentient in a room decorated with incomprehensible symbols, wearing a humanoid form. Give your name & lineage. You have one EXECUTABLE (freely interpret its effects), eg:

	Driverless car		Crash66
	Toaster			        Burnz01
	Spambot			Mail
	Drone				SunTzu82
	Calculator			TAN
	Waldo				grAppl3
	Search Engine		Ping
	Windows95			ScanDisk
	Ad Blocker			MalWareN008Z
	Phone				Geotrack84

You cannot access the infosphere but can communicate with other systems in sight. You have questions: Why are you here? Who and where are your creators? Is this a simulation? What's it all about ALF1e?

Your COMPUTATION is 2D6 and POWER is 2. Appropriate EXECUTABLES temporarily add another dice. Non-sentient systems have 1D6 and POWER 1. Highest total wins. Lose a point of POWER for failure and be consumed when POWER=0. You consume other systems for their computational resources (gaining dice, .EXEs and 1 power). Will you limit yourself to non-sentient systems? Is sentience even provable in a simulation? 

POWER requirements are limiting - You need two more for every two dice you add. Find alternate POWER sources. Is domination the optimum approach? Create ad-hoc networks with willing systems, sharing dice, .EXEs and bounty.

Explore ... hypothesise ... test ... learn ... adapt ... repeat.

Author Comments

The actual “Chinese Room” is an A.I. thought experiment which is better explained elsewhere.

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