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Human-Zombie Fulfillment Symposium • 2017 rpg

Dr. Jason Cox • no link

This game is inspired by the song, “Re: Your Brains”. In it, humans have locked themselves inside a mall to escape zombies. The game centers on negotiations between the humans, who would prefer to keep their brains, and the zombies, who would prefer to eat those brains.  

To begin, players are evenly divided into zombies and humans. If there are an odd number of players, the extra player is a zombie. 

Players write the name of their character on an index card. If they are human, they write one skill or piece of equipment (e.g. scientist, flamethrower) that they have. If they are a zombie, they write one type of person or item (e.g. spouse, junk food) in their possession.

Each human player also writes down one demand that is specific to their character, such as seeing a loved one or consuming a rare food. If they are a zombie, they write the demand as “Your brains.” 

Characters meet and negotiate for 20 minutes, during which time no violence is allowed. When time is up, they either make the necessary exchanges, or return to their own sides of the barricades. 

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