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Other Lives • 2017 rpg

Rosendal • no link

Each player describes a person they saw on the street recently with one sentence of physical description, and one imagining who that person is. These descriptions are shuffled and each player receives the character they will be playing. Shuffle a deck of cards. Each player draws two cards and describes: 
Hearts: a need your character has.
Clubs: a sin your character has committed.
Diamonds: a significant item your characters possesses. 
Spades: a place your character has a relationship to.
Players can add more details to flesh out the story. All characters must have at least one connection with another character.
Play proceeds over the scope of a number of scenes equal to thrice the players. Starting with the first player, draw a card at the start of each scene. The suit will determine the center of conflict for the scene (need, sin, item, place). The other players then decide on which other character(s) should be in the scene. The story can skip forwards and backwards in time. After about two minutes of scene time, draw a card. A black card means the scene resolves favorably for the current player’s character, a red means it does not.

Author Comments

This is my attempt at making a small narrative RPG with a short playtime that is playable at parties. It is heavily inspired by Fiasco.

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