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The Duel • 2017 rpg

Christopher M. Sniezak •

The Duel a short game for 3 players

Decide who Player 1, 2 and 3 are.
Player 1 and 2 stand back to back.
Player 3 picks a time period and the weapons used in the duel.
Player 3 reads the following script and may ask up to three questions before reading the next line of the script.

Player 1, what has Player 2 done to offend you?
Player 2, why have you choosen to accept Player 1 challenge? 
Each of you take a step.

Player 1, why did you once consider player 2 your friend?
Player 2, what did Player 1 do to solidify your friendship?
Each of you take a step.

Player 1, what do you regret about the current situation?
Player 2, what do you wish you could of done differently?
Each of you take a step, make a finger gun with you hand and ready it to shoot the other player or point it strait up in the air. 
Turn and face your friend when I say go.

Player 3 narrates how the duel plays out and the game ends.

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