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Tales from the Lost Kitchen • 2017 rpg

Hayley G • www.storybrewersroleplaying.com

Go to a kitchen.

You are a group of people who live in the future. 
You have uncovered this kitchen. It belonged to your ancestors.
It is full of many things. You do not know what they are. 

How to play:

Take an item. Tell us what it is. 
Then, tell a tale of your ancestors. How did they use it? Why? 

Now it’s the next person’s turn. They have a choice.
They may either agree with the tale that has been told and the values it represents. If they do this, they take a new item, and tell another, consistent tale.
Or they may disagree. Then, they must take the same item and tell a new tale that reveals the truth.

Repeat this until you become weary of your forbearers. 

Then, come together and use the evidence you’ve established through your stories to describe your ancestors and confirm your collective history. The truth of your past is now revealed.

Leave the kitchen invigorated by your enlightenment.

Variant: Your ancestors had to flee this kitchen and leave. If they hadn’t, you wouldn’t be here today. This is what they left behind. 

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