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Doused Flames of Magic; Matchsticks of Power • 2017 rpg

Piotr Królik Król • no link

You need: 2-6 players, matchbox for every Mage, coin for The Grand Inquisitor, some pencils and paper to note.

One player will play as GRAND INQUISITOR: you describe dungeon, your loyal Inquisitors and their actions. IF Mage try some mundane action against dungeon or Inquisition, throw a coin. On Heads it succeeds, on Tails mage need to pay matchstick for it or it fails.
AT START: draw map of dungeon complex for your convenience, don’t show it to Mages. It need to have at least 6+2/mage rooms in it. 

Rest players are MAGES: Your are caught by Inquisition and throw into dungeon. You need to escape from it. Describe, one a time, what you do to escape. If you want to cast spell, ignite matchstick. If it doesn’t ignite in first go or it broke, magic runs wild and rampant (other players describe). If you run out of matchsticks, you die.
AT START: write 5 nouns on your matchbox. This is your known spheres of magic. FORBIDDEN nouns: time, space, life or death related.

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