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Section Seven • 2017 rpg

Anthony Stiller • no link

When regular field agents fail, when Time runs out, when the Sigils break, when Things are unleashed, The Company send in ... Section Seven.

Class (Talent)
Sarge (Superiority)
Soldier (Shooting)
Stalwart (Strength)
Scout (Stealth)
Spook (Spirit)
Stooge (Smarts)
Sapper (‘splosives)

Players can Buddy up with another or go Lone Wolf. 
Players and GM define The Mission. GM determines Big Bad.
Play begins during combat drop.

Talent-related actions: +2.
Buds cool combo-move (once per combat): +4 each.
Lone Wolves going solo?: +2.

At any time Stooge reveals their Great Betrayal. Things get Worse. Stooge gets +2 ongoing. If Stooge dies Things get Even Worse.

Each player: d4 to d20 dice pool. 

Each round: Player states action, GM secretly sets Target, player throws any one remaining dice from their pool, adding bonuses. Match Target: Success! Exceed Target: Success, BUT difference added to that player’s Target next round. Success: Restore lowest dice from ANY dice pool. Failure: Player loses lowest dice from pool.

If all dice are lost from a player’s pool, PC dies. Fully restore ANY player’s dice pool. Dead PC’s Buddy loses their lowest dice. Dead PC’s player chooses a different class. They appear next round as part of Beta Team.

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