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Haunted House • 2017 rpg

JL • no link

You and your friend(s) go to an abandoned house. What does it look like?

Who are you? Answer these questions:
What have you heard about the house?
Why did you come?
Do you believe in ghosts?
What are you afraid of?

You split up to explore the rooms; of course you do.

Give each player five Fear tokens. Each player takes turns exploring. The person to their left plays the House. The House devours Fear.

A turn:
Player: Describe the room. Take your time. Consider all the senses. What is unsettling about it?

House: Describe the haunting. Take your time. Consider all the senses. What changes? Appears? Disappears?

Player: When do you reach your breaking point? How do you try to escape? Roll 1d6.
1-6 House narrates what happens and devours two Fear tokens.
7-9 Player narrates what happens, but House devours one Fear token.
10+ Player narrates what happens.

Fade to black. Rotate widdershins. Repeat.

When a player has no more Fear tokens, they are taken by the House and help narrate the House’s turn. 
The last player with Fear token(s) after their turn escapes the House and narrates the epilogue.
If none escape, narrate it together.

Author Comments

A thanks to Hyvemynd who suggested I try this challenge, and a thanks to Vincent Baker, as this like so many great games is PbtA.

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