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Reteller • 2017rpg

empy • no link

The objective of the game is to collectively narrate a quirky retelling of a story. Choose a story every player is familiar with, for example an iconic movie. 

 - Each player writes down, in secret, 9 words. Only nouns and verbs. Optionally agree on disqualified common words, like 'do', 'go' and 'thing'.
 - Each player writes down, in secret, 3 scenes from the story.
 - Select a narrator who will start the retelling.
 - If the narrator uses a word you wrote down, you score the word. Reveal the word to everyone. You are now the narrator.
 - If several players had the same word, every player discards the word from the game without scoring it. The current narrator resumes his narration.
 - If the narrator uses a revealed word (he may use his own hidden words), he loses a scored word, if he has one.
 - If the narrator skips a scene you wrote down, reveal the scene. You remove two random hidden words from the narrator. You are now the narrator.
 - A player who loses all of his words, he drops from the game.
 - Once the story ends, applaud the player with the most scored words. Compliment the narrator with the best euphemisms.

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