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Zone-side Picnic • 2017 rpg

Daniel Fowler • @DF_WideCode

Inspired by the Stalker video games and Arkady and Boris Strugatsky’s book, Roadside Picnic.

Create a group text conversation with all other players.  

To play, take your phone to a park or other safe public area.  Go by yourself and avoid contact.  

If you see another person, text the group describing the encounter.  This person may be a native of the zone or another stalker hunting for artifacts.  Narrate the encounter however you wish.  

Share pictures with the group of any animals (creatures), strange debris (artifacts), structures or artwork (anomalies).  

When you are ready to leave the zone, pick up an artifact near an anomaly, preferably litter.  You may dispose of it properly at the edge of the zone.  Brag to the group about your big score.

If you spot another player in a zone, avoid, follow or confront them.  The first player to point at the other has the upper hand.  They may offer terms, take an artifact, “disarm”, “kill”, or “co-operate”.  

Disarmed players may not point at anyone till morning.

Dead players may not point at others, gather artifacts or message the group till morning.

Co-operating players may not point at the other till morning.

Get out alive!

Author Comments

I highly recommend reading Roadside Picnic

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