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Cosmic Trickster • 2017 rpg

Jacob Soderlund • no link

Throwing yourselves to the ground, your spaceship explodes. What a pain! It’ll be ages before a ship comes looking for you. Oh well, there’s gotta be something to do around this “Earth” place while you wait.


Nominate one person to be the Game Master. The rest are aliens from the planet Rymulus - a world where anything that rhymes is true. As a group, decide on a goal for the aliens - e.g. assassinating the president or creating a successful mountain bike hire company.

Aliens are pretty incompetent - they can’t do anything of any difficulty. However, they do have the power to transform things. To do this:
  - The alien announces that they want to transform something in the scene.
  - The GM writes down a short description of whatever it is the alien wants to transform - e.g. “rolled-up newspaper” or “Vince, the accountant”.
  - If the alien comes up with a rhyme for that description with the same number of syllables, the thing is transformed into the rhyming phrase - e.g. an alien might transform a “rolled-up newspaper” into a “full-size skyscraper”. 
  - The GM narrates the consequences of this. 

The game ends when the aliens achieve their goal or give up.

Author Comments

If players are taking too long to think of a rhyme, the GM can start limiting the time they have before the transformation fails.

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