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Blaze of Glory • 2017 rpg

Jake Simon • no link

Once, you were the greatest spy in the world. 

Now, you have been poisoned by your former employers, and you are about to die.

It’s time to get your revenge. It’s time to go out in a Blaze of Glory.

Agent and Employer each take one standard deck of playing cards. Aces low. 

Employer takes a card from their deck, looks at it, and plays it face down, narrating a challenge based on the suit (challenge type) and number (difficulty). 

Hearts: Social
Diamonds: Security
Spades: Environmental
Clubs: Combat

Agent takes three cards from their deck as their Hand. Each suit represents an Approach to the challenge. 

Hearts: Suave
Diamonds: Gadget
Spades: Stealthy
Clubs: Violent

Agent plays one card and narrates how they tackle the problem based on their Approach. 

Flip the challenge card. If Agent’s card is higher, they succeed, taking out one or more of their betrayers. If Agent’s card is lower, they succeed with difficulty and discard a number of cards from their deck equal to the difference between their card and the challenge. 

Employer continues by playing the next card.

After Agent plays their last card, they die in action, going out in a Blaze of Glory. 

Author Comments

Special thanks to Josh Semat for editing

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