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Terrible Village • 2017 rpg

Michael Dunn-O'Connor •

4 Players

You’re villagers.  Take turns naming something that makes your village terrible.  Write each Terribleness on a card.   Put 6 counters on each, give each player 3 counters.

Name the villager facing you (X).  Compliment them.  Ask why they haven’t stopped Terribleness already.  They make excuses and boast.

Pass them their recorded:





Clockwise, set scenes where you address Terribleness.  In your scene, (X) plays Terribleness.  When (X) identifies the stakes, resolve the scene as follows.  Winner narrates resolution.


Hold 1-3 counters. (X) holds 1-3 Terribleness counters.  Higher bid keeps 1, wins: discard the rest.  Tie, flip a coin.


Both hold 1-3 counters, secretly.  Equal bids, move that many counters from Terribleness to another Terribleness, you win.  If not, both discard counters.


Hold 1-3 counters. (X) guesses your number.  If right, discard counters.  If wrong, steal 1 Terribleness counter, you win.

1 counter: remove a C/E/B and gain 3 counters; remove all three and you die.

Terribleness with 0 counters is removed.

Game ends when someone dies, or three Terribleness are removed.  Clockwise, acknowledge how one Terribleness became part of you.  If any Terribleness has >5 counters, describe the village’s destruction.

Author Comments

Thanks to N. Garcia, J. Recca, M. Warren, D. O’Connor, and W. Dunn-O’Connor from Playstead Design Studios.

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