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S.P.Q.R. • 2017 rpg

Rachel Kaye Clarke •

Split the players into two teams. Each team must decide upon a Dictator. If there is a disagreement over who becomes the Dictator, declare both players Co-Dictators. Each Co-Dictator has a veto on the other’s actions.

Begin by consulting the sacred chickens: All players roll 1d6. If all players roll a 3 or above, the chickens feed, and the Battle begins. If a player rolls below a 3, the chickens do not feed, and all players re-roll.

If the sacred chickens do not feed three times, a Dictator may renounce their gods, rolling 1d6. If they roll a 6, the sacred chickens are thrown overboard and the Battle begins. If the Dictator rolls a 5 or below, they are assassinated by their soldiers, and their team loses the Battle.

Once in Battle, begin a Skirmish. Both teams play rock-paper-scissors. Defeated players are removed from the Field until one team emerges victorious. If a Dictator is defeated, their team loses the Skirmish, regardless of how many players remain on the field.

If a team loses three Skirmishes, they are routed from the field, losing the Battle.

If five Skirmishes pass and neither team wins, retreat to your camps for winter.

Author Comments

With thanks to Hamilcar Barca and Publius Claudius Pulcher.

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