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Sonnet 155: A Murder Most Foul • 2017 rpg

Jeff Stormer •

The King has met an awful, bloody fate!
The Court is calling heroes brave and true
To solve the case and help our vengeance sate;
A golden bounty paid for justice due.
With friends most trusted gather ‘round the room
(With paper, pens, perhaps a rhyming book)
And set the stage; the court, the death, the gloom,
‘Til such a time that action must be took.
The player taking action takes the page
And tries to craft iambic verse ideal.
With action written, player takes the stage
And reads the words for judgment fair and real.
For each iambic line you claim success.
With 14 lines you put the case to rest.

Author Comments

So Erika Chappell wrote a Shakespearean RPG (which is super good!), and I made a dumb joke asking if it was in iambic pentameter. And then things kind of snowballed from there–I said “wait, could I write an iambic pentameter RPG? What if the mechanic was writing Shakespearean verse? What if it was a sonnet?” And here we are.

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