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WAR and FAITH • 2017 rpg

Vaish Gajaraj •

Empires are built through WAR and FAITH.

Needed for Play:
A “Deity” Character
2+ “Monarch” Characters
Followers (Paper Balls)

Monarchs all have unique names for “Deity” and design a prayer for tribute. Monarchs start with 6 paper followers.

Begin PRAYER ROUND: Monarchs perform their prayers and offer tributes to the Deity. During each prayer round, Monarchs vie for the Deity's blessing. Deity decides favorite prayer each round and grants winning monarch a BOON. 

BOON grants monarch one follower and power to roll 2d6.

If 2d6’s roll over follower count, go to WAR:
Roll 1d6. Limited by one match, set fire up to this many of other Monarch’s followers. All collateral damage is fair in WAR.

If 2d6 roll under follower count, build FAITH: 
Roll 1d6. Gain this many FAITHful followers.

If doubles roll, Fate sends PROPHET npc. Reroll 2d6’s:

If less than original roll, CRUSADE: Sacrificially burn no less than half of own followers.

If rolled over/equal to original roll, MISSION: Consume all followers of another Monarchy.

Monarchs are beheaded after losing all followers. 

Behead all other monarchs, burn heretics, gain followers and vie for Deity's love. Last monarch alive is crowned Emperor. 

Author Comments

Thanks R.J. for showing me this contest.

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