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Flesh, and Other Inconvenient Things • 2017 rpg

Nolan Lindberg • no link

Survive 30 days until the military arrives.
Each new day: Roll 3d6 and arrange them lowest to highest, corresponding to morning, midday, and night. That’s the number to roll to return home safely at that time of day.

Everyone takes an action and chooses to return home or not. Turns advance time. If night, you must return home.

You determine the difficulty of your actions (N), roll >N to succeed, otherwise fail. If you roll higher, you don’t get more stuff.

Bases = 10 starting HP.
Characters = 10 max HP, 0 = death.

Actions in base 
Fortify base +N base HP.
Heal person N HP (requires medkit). If fail, destroy medkit.
Cook: +N food, if fail -N food.

Actions outside (Zombie roll to come home)
Gather N food.
Scrounge: 1-2 ammo, 3-4 chainsaw, 5 medkit, 6 gun.

Zombie encounter: failure, take d6 damage and drop everything.
Without chainsaw 6+ safe.
With chainsaw 4+ safe chainsaw always breaks.
With gun 4+ safe, reroll with another ammo.

Food consumption: Effects
2: +1 HP
1: Nothing
0: -1 HP

Each night: Eat, then Zombies attack, they deal 1d6 damage per player to the base. If base HP reaches 0 then everybody gets a zombie encounter.

Author Comments

Press your luck and zombies, in my mind, just go hand in hand so, I just had to make an RPG about it.

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