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Intergalactic Bake-Off! • 2017 rpg

Caroline Berg •

You've been invited to the prestigious Intergalactic Bake-Off! Now is the time to showcase your unique baking abilities!

Each player starts with five tokens (coins). Next, each player creates six ingredients. These can be anything: the heart of a dying star, carefully crumbled plastic, grass-flavored chocolate, etc... Then determine the first player, who picks one ingredient from the list they didn't create. Continue going around until each ingredient has been chosen.

Fill out a recipe card as follows with an ingredient in each blank:

(1) Two cups __________
(2) One cup __________
(3) One tbsp __________
(4) Two tsp __________
(5) Dash of melted __________
(6) Sprinkle of ground ___________

Roll one six-sided die (1d6) to determine which ingredient horribly backfires. Give your recipe a name, then narrate how you make it at the contest, including the problem ingredient. Other players may give a token to the current narrator to sabotage their baking. The saboteur describes their treachery. The narrator rolls 1d6. On 1-3 the sabotage occurs and the saboteur takes back their token. On 4-6 the sabotage helps and the narrator describes how everything works out! The player with the most tokens at the end of the bake-off wins!

Author Comments

Many thanks to the folks at RPGGeek who inspired this second entry! Especially ThroughTheDeckGlass, who inspired me to make a food-themed RPG.

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