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Let's Eat Kevin! • 2017 rpg

Snamo Zont •

All players write down one real or imaginary creature that eats people onto a scrap of paper.
Put all scraps into a hat including one that says “Kevin”.
Each player draws a scrap from the hat and announces who or what they are.

To Play: 
Those who are not Kevin must discuss the following topics and reach a group decision on each - in any order.
Where and when will you eat Kevin?
How will you prepare Kevin?
How will you divvy up Kevin?
In what order will you eat Kevin?
Here are the rules:
The decisions MUST be completely unanimous before you can move on.
Your decisions must reflect the creature or thing that you are.
Compromises and deals can be made.
If any additional questions arise they MUST be answered.
If Kevin brings up any point that is even remotely reasonable - it MUST be considered or answered.
Kevin! You desperately hope they will change their mind (they won’t). You must stall them. You must bring up reasonable points. If someone is a shark and they’re not discussing eating underwater, you must bring that up. If the group cannot agree within an hour, you escape!

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