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Medium Heavyweight • 2017 rpg

Sparky •

The players are the spirits of dead gamblers possessing a prizefighter. Spirits must reach a consensus to make the boxer act, but they've all bet differently on the outcome of the title fight.

First, each player secretly rolls a die and records the result. Evens they bet to win the fight, odds bet to lose.

Each round a timer is set for 20 seconds while players discuss strategy, then every player shuts up and writes an action on a slip of paper.

Punch: remove 1 HP from opponent
Clinch: regain 1 HP
Rope-A-Dope: the boxer loses 1 HP
Exorcise <player name>: remove named player from the game

If all actions submitted are different, or are all the same, the boxer is confused and loses 1 HP from being punched in the face.
If a majority of actions are the same, that action is performed.
If none of the above are true, the actions are placed in a hat and one is drawn at random to occur.

Both the boxer and the opponent have 3 HP. The opponent takes no direct action.

When either is reduced to 0 HP, each unexorsized player reveals their bet and wins or loses accordingly.

Author Comments

Medium Heavyweight was an exercise in seeing how much of a fully fleshed out game I could wring from a silly title. Thanks to the rest of the Castle Bravo Games crew for being a sounding board and just all around swell individuals.

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